The World of Monica Byrne Maison

Monica Byrne Maison’s creations redefine the slow fashion movement.

The history of haute couture is intimately linked with the history of modern art. A couturier is an artist unto themself, and the word “atelier” translates to the studio of an artist or a designer. But any artist’s true “studio” is their spirit. Honed with a rare combination of artistic vision and character, expertly refined technique and luxurious material details, Monica Byrne Maison provides a unique experience for every client as the house creates handcrafted one-of-a-kind designs within the prestigious atelier.

It is a special savoir faire, maintaining a tradition and attention to every detail that defines the exceptional quality and perfection of haute couture. The atelier is a thriving laboratory of ideas and creativity, and a powerful generator of dreams. Haute couture transcends time and is the ultimate union between craftsmanship and innovation. Monica Byrne Maison has a prodigious ability to create beautiful couture gowns.

The Atelier at Monica Byrne is made possible by a passionate team of designers, patternmakers, seamstresses, consultants, vendors and suppliers. To book an appointment, contact, or call 917.472.7315.