Sage + Sound Curated Wellness

A holistic wellness destination opens on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


Revitalize mind and body at Sage + Sound, NYC’s self-care central.

By Annelise Peterson

Founded by Lacey Tisch and Lauren Zucker, Sage + Sound, a 5,000-square-foot mecca for mindfulness on New York City’s Upper East Side, curates the best in class of everything, from products to practitioners, and from healers to health food. “I always knew where to drop in to work out my body,” says Zucker. “What I was looking for—and what Lacey and I really connected on—was finding the same type of place to focus on self-care.”

Featuring facials by Tracie Martyn and Osmosis Beauty, Biologique Recherche treatments, acupuncture by Paul Kempisty, IMD Beauty Spa lymphatic massages, and eyebrow therapy by celebrity artist Paulo Siqueira as well as a Sundays nontoxic nail studio offering a “meditative manicure experience,” Sage + Sound aspires to bring more than just colorful hands and shapely brows to Manhattan. Furthering its commitment to physical as well as mental fitness, Sage + Sound Study hosts five to seven classes a day in The Study, a space dedicated to mindfulness practices under the leadership of program director Ryan Haddon. Sage + Sound also entrusted the most on-trend fashion label, La Ligne, to design its staff ensembles.

Restaurateur Lisle Richards has made Sage + Sound home sweet home to his latest culinary adventure, Isle of Us market cafe. Offering wholesome and nourishing made-to-order and prepared foods, along with a rotating selection of house-made pantry provisions, Isle of Us prides itself on the principles of health, conscious living and sustainability. The elegant yet playful space, designed by Nicholas Obeid, encourages convivial conversation around food. After all, self-care doesn’t have to be a (completely) serious endeavor.

Relax in Sage + Sound’s soothing treatment room.

In a world with ever-increasing demands on time and attention, well-being must be an intentional practice. Finding an hour and the space to nurture physical, emotional and spiritual needs replenishes one’s personal resources, builds resilience in the face of life’s challenges and sends a subconscious message about self-worth. All beings deserve love—an empowering mantra for family, friends, community and the planet. Let it begin…on 84th Street and Third Avenue.