The Om of Home

A soulful living space has the power to inspire, nurture and heal.
Personalize your home with objects that bring you joy. Photo: Inside Weather

By Carrie Leskowitz

Is it a coincidence that the word “om” is within the word “home”? Our most sacred space is within and outside of us. H(om)e is a soul-filled vessel, a universal, nonverbal energy encompassing the connection to our inner and outer selves. Home is a mirror reflection of identity, values, desires, authenticity and in some cases, the shadow self. It is a giant, living vision board, a beautiful story being written, a colorful painting in progress, an anchor in a storm.

Creating a home that keeps us moving toward our north star also creates sustainable joy. Show your home the love it deserves, the love you deserve. Be impeccable with cleanliness, curation, reducing and repairing. Self-awareness is the first best step to a more harmonious and balanced life. It invites us to dig a little deeper within ourselves. To always ask the question, “How does this make me feel?” Self-awareness leads to self-discovery. When we look inward, we can clarify our values, self-worth, feelings and behaviors. Since we are intrinsically connected to our environment, designing a life we love and creating a supportive, authentic living space requires us to know ourselves deeply. Giving ourselves the grace and space to go on this inward journey requires stillness.

Living with integrity, incorporating natural elements into the home, engaging in the art of feng shui and reducing toxins, among other things, can create a profound sense of well-being. Studies have shown that when we care for ourselves, we care for our environment; this results in a reduction of cortisol levels, improved mental and physical health, the strengthening of the immune system, and a deeper feeling of satisfaction and confidence.

Personalizing your space with a preferred color or colors, meaningful objects that bring you joy or marry you to cherished memories connect you to what you deem important and reinforce your personal values. What you choose to bring into your home tells others who you believe yourself to be, making an impression as much as words, clothes or body language.

The home is experiential, ever-changing. As we grow, so should our homes. We nest, getting our home ready for a new baby. Major events, like divorce or death, can impact the home. After my father died, then my mother, I was on a mad quest to move objects around and incorporate meaningful mementos of theirs into my own living space as an homage to my past, now a part of my story I hold dear. I am not the same, I never will be as I move forward, and my home needs to reflect that. Home is not stagnant. It is a living, breathing entity.

To be authentic is to be vulnerable. That feels scary, I know, but we are craving that of each other. It helps us feel seen and understood. It deepens our relationship with ourselves and others.

Well-being begins within and filters outward. Om for the home is where inner peace meets outer beauty. Beauty, or our experience of pleasure, lights up the brain like a Christmas tree and floods our system with feel-good hormones. Your home is no exception. Living a life that is authentic to each of us and is fulfilling keeps us curious and ever growing. Come home to self; come home to living beautifully.