Natural Elegance

Ramona Albert finds inspiration in the great outdoors for her sculptural jewelry and objects.
Ramona Albert wearing her Connect With Nature jewelry collection. Photography: Tommy Chung

By Julia Szabo

“My work has always been about nature,” Ramona Albert says. “I grew up truly immersed and dependent on nature every day. This connection with the natural world has been with me every day, and all my work, architecture and objects, has been about this connection in a very visceral, intuitive way.”

During the pandemic, with her professional life on pause, she spent more time by the sea with her toddler son near their Sag Harbor home. There, literally out of the blue, tracing biomorphic shapes in the sand, she was inspired to execute a professional pivot, deciding to pursue her long-held passion: jewelry design.

The result? Sculptural and, yes, architectural works of art for one’s person (fashioned of 14k gold) and home (candelabra made of brass and, soon, porcelain), that are at once organic and futuristic, with echoes of the adornments worn in ancient Rome. The very definition of glamour and drama, Albert’s accessories look right at home on red carpets, worn by actresses ranging from Lashana Lynch and Merle Dandridge to Brooke Shields and Kim Kardashian.

Albert’s designs are objects of breathtaking beauty that let the wearer commune with nature’s healing power  wherever they happen to be—even sitting in a taxi at rush hour. “For the jewelry, I look deeply at nature—I look at the way small details in the natural world exist, like the twisting of ferns and vines, the structure of bones and reflections of light. Being near the beach every day, having the time to think and reflect, made this collection possible.”

Her designs follow nature’s movements, so Albert also stays flexible, always welcoming custom commissions, “because we all have such different preferences, and it makes each piece a lot more personal,” she explains. “I personally love 14k gold,” Albert adds, “but have made pieces in platinum and rose gold; I personally love aquamarine and moonstone—which represents inner growth and strength—but I’m happy to customize and create to the user’s needs.”

No wonder she finds herself deluged with orders for engagement and wedding rings: Her style springs eternal, not unlike the forces of nature that inspires it.