The Next Wave

A new wellness center, led by Lisa Zaloga and Stephanie Esposito, ups the frequency for holistic healing in Sag Harbor.
Core services at Wave alleviate fatigue, pain, and inflammation and elevate energy, endorphins and mobility. Photography by Morgan Maassen

By Cristina Cuomo

Cristina Cuomo: Lisa, describe the healing journey that brought you two together, ultimately leading to the creation of Wave Wellness.

Lisa Zaloga: In April 2021, I was introduced to a yoga client’s massage therapist, Stephanie Esposito, who, I had heard from many, was life-changing. Being in the wellness and bodywork industry, we exchanged information, knowing that our clients would appreciate the referrals. Little did I know that I would find myself desperately in need of her treatment.

On my way to teach my first in-person class since the pandemic, I was in an accident, which resulted in several herniations and muscle tears. My body felt broken and in need of pain relief. Coming off a holiday weekend, it was challenging to get an appointment with a doctor, so I reconnected with Stephanie and booked my first in-home treatment. She was instantly warm and compassionate, listening to my full roster of ailments; I felt recovery and hope in her hands. Fast-forward (and a lot of good stuff in between), we got engaged.

It was a challenging two years, and managing pain and inflammation became a full-time job. Just after the accident I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. The label “autoimmune disorder” took my otherwise strong and healthy body by surprise. An anti-inflammatory lifestyle and lymphatic health became top priority. Coming from yoga, holistic and wellness-minded paths, Steph and I took an immediate interest in any and all modalities to help people live pain-free. With endless hours researching innovative wellness technology and trying new treatments, we found that there is a need for a place where clients could come to recover faster, rest more deeply, combat inflammation and experience treatments that are designed for longevity. Fast-forward…Wave Wellness, alleviate and elevate.

CC: Stephanie, as a leading massage practitioner in the Hamptons, what are the therapeutic benefits of massage?

Stephanie Esposito: I came to massage therapy after a traumatic injury, which left me emotionally and physically depleted. The experience I had with hands-on healing was exactly what I needed, and inspired me to pursue a career in the wellness industry. Over the years, I have developed a passion for working with clients who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. Massage is a dynamic and comprehensive treatment model intertwining both Eastern and Western modalities, a true merging of the body, mind and soul. It allows the body to realign, so all systems can function at their best.

We treat the body often as a gateway to the mind. In my practice, I have come across many teens who, I believe, are in most need. Daily struggles, social pressures, unspoken anxiety…these are some of the issues they face. We have designed a massage treatment to help, called UnPlugged. It is part of our mission to make wellness accessible to all in our community.

We have created core services at Wave to alleviate fatigue, pain, inflammation and trigger points, as well as to elevate energy, endorphins and mobility, boosting mood and waking the nervous system’s proper functioning. Our signature massage is a hybrid of techniques based on the client’s needs in the moment.

CC: How important is the lymphatic system to whole body health?

SE: The lymphatic system controls one’s overall immune, cardiovascular and digestive system. As white blood cells encompass the lymph nodes, they break down bacteria, viruses, and damaged and cancer cells. The lymph fluid distributes waste via the bloodstream, through movement, breath, intestinal activity and muscle action; the body organically eliminates it through the liver and kidneys. At Wave, it is pertinent that we emphasize detoxification from our Alleviating treatments and hydration through our Elevating treatments.

CC: What is PEMF and what does it do for our bodies?

LZ: PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. Our bodies are composed of cells. Think of these cells as batteries; they can be charged and depleted. Just like our devices, it’s common for them to slowly be drained of energy, leaving us feeling tired and not running efficiently. Several of our hands-on treatments incorporate PEMF. We calibrate the frequency based on the client’s need. Mimicking frequencies found in nature, like the rise and fall of the tide, we can either “dial you down” to calm anxiety and provide a deep rest, or “dial you up” for peak performance without the jitters. Some days we need to alleviate, others elevate.