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At Coterie Hudson Yards, research-backed nutrition and personalized holistic care make wellness the priority for its active senior residents.
Coterie offers its residents a range of options, from studios to two-bedrooms. Photo courtesy of Coterie

By Abby Tegnelia

Since welcoming its first residents earlier this year, the luxury senior living residence Coterie Hudson Yards has kept wellness at the forefront—from its menus and fitness offerings, to the overall holistic approach curated specifically for New York’s most well-heeled and health-minded older adults.

“There is a vibrant and active community at Coterie Hudson Yards,” says Chad Welch, its executive chef and director of food and beverage operations. “It’s been incredible to watch friendships form, and residents become healthier and happier throughout their weeks and months living here. Whether it’s encouraging residents to join a morning yoga class or try a new vegetable, we as a staff are always promoting resident wellness.”

While Coterie offers all the health care necessities of a high-end senior living residence—including round-the-clock support, personalized physical therapy and medication reminders—each new resident also meets with a dedicated care coordinator to develop a tailored wellness approach.

“The wellness amenities at Coterie Hudson Yards are outstanding,” says Elliot March, co-founder at MAWD, the firm that designed the interiors at Coterie’s New York location (the senior living brand also has a San Francisco location, with another opening soon in Santa Clara, California). “Each of these amenities has a wellness component. Some are obvious, such as personalized fitness plans from top fitness trainers in the fitness center. Others might surprise you, such as Coterie’s partnership with 92Y, for example, to promote intellectual stimulation and mental acuity in residents. We wanted to bring a member’s club look and feel, while designing interiors that were supportive of 24/7 programming, care and social activity.”

Meals are fortified with superfoods and nutrient-rich ingredietnts. Photo courtesy of Coterie

In order to design the most nutritional food offerings, Coterie forged a unique relationship with the Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Living Program. “As a result, each of Coterie’s culinary offerings—from the small plates to main courses—undergoes a process of recipe refinement, with extra consideration given to the unique nutritional needs of older adults,” Welch says. “We look for opportunities to incorporate superfoods and nutrient-rich ingredients, for example, into everyday staples. By boosting the nutritional value of each dish, we are helping residents avoid health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart attacks. This is especially important in the context of memory care. Coterie Memory Care dining features the same elevated and nutritious menus enjoyed by independent and assisted living residents, but with customizations that emphasize special ingredients—berries, leafy greens, fresh salmon or tuna—that contain the extra antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids shown to nourish the brain.” Luxury, meet longevity. coterieseniorliving.com