Going Up

Three energy mastery practices to instantly raise your vibration.
We can allow the dominant frequency of the world around us to calibrate our vibration, or we can take responsibility for cultivating the energy we wish to live in. Photo courtesy of Naya Traveler

By Christy Whitman

Your vibration is your most powerful currency. The entire universe is responding to your vibration, which is the sum total of your current thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations and moods. And this means that unless you’re deliberate about the vibration you’re offering, you really have no control as to the quality of people and experiences you attract.

This is why energy mastery is so important: because until we learn how to raise our vibration on purpose, we will unconsciously harmonize with whatever vibration is the most dominant—even when it doesn’t serve us.

These three energy mastery practices will help you instantly raise your vibration to the frequency you desire, regardless of how others around you are behaving or feeling:

No. 1: Get clear about how you desire to feel.

Anytime you’re not as happy, clear-minded or joyful as you’d like to be, one thing is certain: You are acutely aware of how you don’t want to feel. For example, if you’re in an unsatisfying relationship, you already know you don’t want to feel ignored or unimportant. If you don’t have as much money as you want or need, you’re clear that you don’t want to feel anxious or deprived. But beneath all of these unwanted feelings lies a burning desire about how you do want to feel instead.

And so, the first, most essential step to raising your vibration is to clearly and powerfully declare the vibration you desire. It might sound something like this:

I want to feel prosperous! I want to feel appreciation. I desire to feel energetic, vital and engaged.

Identifying the vibration you’re reaching for in any given moment is a necessary first step to harmonizing with it.

No. 2: Actively invite this desired frequency into your life.

You can’t complain about everything that’s lacking and simultaneously attract abundance. And yet without realizing it, most of us invest the majority of our attention noticing, complaining about or dwelling in what’s unwanted.

To instantly raise your vibration, use your breath to connect to the bottom-line feeling or energy you’ve identified that you’d like to feel instead.

Is it joy? Confidence? Empowerment? Love? Whatever frequency you’re reaching for, breathe its essence into your heart. Imagine filling up every fiber of your being with this frequency. Allow the vibration of this energy to permeate your entire body and radiate out through every cell of your being. And know that this new frequency will magnetize like energies to it.

No. 3: Allow your new vibrational frequency to guide your thoughts and choices.

Most of us wait for circumstances to improve before we allow ourselves to feel the improvement. But energy mastery works in exactly the reverse. First we connect with the frequency we desire, then we allow that frequency to dictate our thoughts and actions. Actions that are backed up with energy alignment are incredibly powerful.

In every moment, we’re all faced with a fundamental choice. We can allow the dominant frequency of the world around us to calibrate our vibration, or we can take responsibility for deliberately cultivating the energy we wish to live in. One choice leaves us at the mercy of world events and other people’s actions and reactions. The other choice returns us to our power to create the kind of world we desire to live in. watchyourwords.com