Introducing Chosenwoven: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

In a world where conscious consumerism is gaining momentum, Chosenwoven emerges as a beacon of sustainability and luxury intertwined seamlessly.

This intimate luxury brand is not just about fashion; it’s a commitment to a plastic-free, zero-waste lifestyle without compromising on the softness and quality that define true luxury. Chosenwoven has successfully utilized cutting-edge innovation to create intimates close to the skin that redefine the meaning of eco-friendly elegance.

Chosenwoven’s dedication to sustainability focuses on the luxurious feel and smart performance of merino wool. The result is soft and sumptuous good-for-you intimates without the microplastics and toxins found in over 90 percent of clothing today. We focus on the performance benefits of merino wool: It’s antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and thermoregulating, and perfect for an active lifestyle and a luxurious lounge. The movement for clean clothing is here and it starts with your most foundational layers.

At the heart of Chosenwoven’s ethos is the pledge to be plastic-free and zero waste. Chosenwoven panties and bras contain no nylon, no spandex and no plastic, ensuring that every purchase contributes to a healthier planet and a healthier you. This commitment is not just a part of the brand’s philosophy; it’s woven into the very fabric of every product it offers.

Chosenwoven is not just a luxury brand; it’s a movement toward a more sustainable and conscious way of living. By choosing Chosenwoven, consumers are not only indulging in luxury, but also actively participating in the global effort to reduce plastic waste and promote environmental responsibility and personal wellness. In a world where choices matter, Chosenwoven stands out as a brand that empowers consumers to make a positive impact without compromising on the finer things in life.