Live Better, Longer

NYC-based The Lanby takes the work out of getting well.


The Lanby—a members club in NYC—widens the scope of primary care by centering integrative medicine, wellness and care navigation. Members are assigned a dedicated care team consisting of a primary care physician (M.D. certified in family and integrative medicine), a wellness adviser (registered dietitian), a physician Assistant and a member advocate. The membership includes a comprehensive 80-minute annual baseline assessment, quarterly care team visits, sick visits, access to functional labwork and diagnostics, a personalized care plan, ongoing chat, VIP access to top specialists, and more.

Using labwork to measure the baseline of your health is fundamental to proactive wellness. Without obtaining data-driven feedback, it’s impossible to personalize your efforts or measure the impact of lifestyle changes. Yet, this crucial step is often overlooked or inaccessible due to the limitations of conventional primary care and pushback from insurance. The reality is, most primary care doctors barely scratch the surface of understanding one’s health. Worse, the “normal” ranges they reference are often reflective of averages that don’t equate to optimal health. The result? A health care experience that feels disconnected from your unique needs and potential for wellness.

To combat this gap, The Lanby recently launched its first a la carte offering for nonmembers: Just The Labs. Its goal is to empower individuals with comprehensive testing that goes beyond the basics, offering insights that can empower personalized interventions. 

If you’re ready to feel more empowered about your own health and receive trusted recommendations on how to maximize your well-being, consider Just The Labs. Schedule a free 15-minute consult call with its member experience team to learn more about both membership and the new a la carte lab offering.

What’s Included:

  1. Access to The Lanby’s Expanded Lab Panels: Gain access to functional lab panels, previously only available to Lanby members. Labs are billed in-network to insurance or can be paid for out of pocket.
  2. Care Plan Review: Discuss your results in a 45-minute virtual consultation with The Lanby’s care team. Receive trusted recommendations for specialty care, nutrition and wellness, preventive screenings, supplements and more.

Just The Labs is now live and available nationwide; it’s HSA/FSA eligible. Use code PURIST to unlock $50 off your deposit and get early access.