Uncovering Your Soul’s Purpose With The Sphinx Code

Discover the life-enhancing powers of the insightful personality assessment.
Sphinx Code readings can aid in a greater sense of awareness and clarity. Photo: Manex Ibar

By Sonia Satra

Are you wanting to gain more clarity about your life’s purpose? Do you look forward to those “aha” moments where everything just clicks? Are you curious about what holds you back and how you can specifically work to change that? If so, the Sphinx Code may be for you.

The Sphinx Code is a new personality assessment that unveils your soul’s Archetypal Blueprint. It is designed to help you understand the inner workings of your mind and personality and provide a road map to achieve your own personal greatness.

The process begins by submitting your birth date. This date is entered into an online portal, and processed through a unique algorithm that combines elements of numerology, the ancient Emerald Tablet, Hermetic alchemy, Kabbalah, and the tarot. The outcome, 16 cards, represents different archetypes, each with its own insight and perspective on your character.

The meaning and interpretation of each card depends on the archetype represented, and the card’s placement in your Sphinx Code design. The powerful information that these 16 cards reveal include your inner essence (what your true personality was at birth), your deepest parental wounds, the fundamental qualities of your ideal relationship and the highest expression of your work. They also provide insight into your childhood environment, including grandparents, social circles, and the best environment for your personal success and fulfillment.

Sometimes I think the Sphinx Code found me. It was one of those long, dark nights during COVID lockdown. I was scrolling through sites and the mysterious-sounding name piqued my interest. I eventually found the site of an American shaman, Manex Ibar, who created a fascinating Sphinx Code Archetypal Blueprint system. Wildly curious, I signed up for a reading, hoping to discover my soul’s purpose. It turns out, I am what the Sphinx Code refers to as a catalyst, which essentially means my purpose is to catalyze and inspire others to live their purpose. I have coached for over 15 years, and always say my greatest passion is helping others to achieve their dreams. It was so affirming to learn that I was on the right path. So, two years later, I studied to become one of 24 Sphinx Code Wisdom Keepers throughout the world.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege to do Sphinx Code readings for many people and have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback. People have said: “This is unbelievably accurate,” “It helped me make sense of so many health issues I’ve had in my life,” and “I felt so inspired, it affirmed that I’m on the right path.” 

As humans, we’re born with innate subconscious patterns that are shaped by our family, friends and cultural influences. However, beneath those external layers, we each have a distinct soul blueprint. By using the Sphinx Code, you gain the awareness to transmute that programming and ultimately, unlock your potential, express your magic and truly live your best life.

To book a reading, go to soniasatra.com/the-sphinx-code. Use the code PURIST for 20 percent off.