Opposites attracting through magnetic charges can balance pH levels and speed healing, says Dr. Luis F. Garcia about the latest wellness trend.
Photo by Morgan Maassen

By Fernanda Niven

How does biomagnetism work for someone who is ill? The precise placement of high-strength magnets over specific areas of the body can reenergize and balance a patient’s internal pH in areas which often become overly acidic and dysfunctional in ill patients. In reestablishing the optimal pH alkaline balance to organs and areas of the body that have been thrown off, these areas can recharge, stabilize and begin working optimally.

What have you seen biomagnetism treat the most effectively?
Lumbar pain, sciatica, respiratory issues, chronic coughs, asthma, growth hormone deficiency in children, gastrointestinal issues like IBS, heartburn, loose stools, immune system stimulation, vertigo, migraines, herpes and many others, including Lyme disease. Even though biomagnetism can treat a majority of Lyme patients effectively, it is one of the conditions that takes the longest, because every case is different, yet patients feel the improvements and begin moving forward with each session.

Would you recommend biomagnetism for general health upkeep, even for those who are not sick?
Absolutely. Even people who think they are not sick already have certain pH imbalances and low-grade inflammation and acidity in different areas of their body that sooner or later will predispose them to certain health conditions. By detecting and balancing these areas of imbalance, biomagnetism may correct and often times prevent them from occurring down the road. Husbands are usually the ones who come in and say, “I am healthy and don’t suffer from anything.” But once I begin testing and analyzing their bodies, and ask them very specific questions regarding their health, their responses turn into, “I thought that was normal for my age” or “I just got used to it all of these years.” Simple issues like waking up to pee in the middle of the night once or twice, which someone might explain as “I drink liquids after 9PM,” or “Yeah, my bladder is falling,” may actually be due to different pH imbalances in the ureter or the bladder, which—with the proper placement of magnets—may be corrected so that the individual can drink after 9PM and sleep through the night without having to awaken to use the bathroom. It’s also preventative maintenance for those who become balanced and healthy using biomagnetism or other modalities to stabilize the ph of the body.

Is there anyone who should not do biomagnetism?
There are no real contraindications to receiving biomagnetism, just precautions. People with insulin pumps, pacemakers or other installed electronic devices can receive the therapy; however, no magnets can be placed directly on the electronic components of the devices, because magnets tend to drain batteries.

Any downsides, or known side effects?
As with many powerful detox therapies and treatments such as exercise, oftentimes people may feel exhausted or wiped out after a session. It’s just like going to the gym has hundreds of benefits: You’ll feel great after getting into a good routine, but in the beginning, you may feel sore or exhausted for a day or two. The same applies to biomagnetism. The majority of people feel good immediately after a session, but some may experience tiredness and detox effects as the toxins and inflammation leave the body. When this happens, the body simply needs a day or two of good sleep or rest to heal. To minimize the intensity of the detox, the best thing to do is drink extra fluids and eat light, nutritious foods to help flush the toxins from the body faster.

What is the best change you’ve seen in your most challenging patient’s illness?
Many Lyme disease patients who were once practically homebound because the brain fog and fibromyalgia were so bad are now able to lead normal lives again. One young female Lyme patient longed to get an MBA, but her fibromyalgia, weight gain, endocrine issues, anxiety and gastrointestinal issues had her feeling it would never be possible. Within a year of biomagnetism and detox, she was accepted at the Wharton School of Business. She graduated and is now working at a top finance firm in Manhattan, enjoying a healthy life once again. I could go on. There are so so many amazing cases.

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