PURIST + Jimmy Choo Southampton Luncheon

Selects photos from the PURIST + Jimmy Choo Southampton Luncheon

PURIST + Marigay McKee Hosts a Summer Luncheon with Jimmy Choo at the home of Marigay McKee in Southampton, NY – August 3rd, 2018


Notable attendees included: Marigay McKee, Jimmy Choo President Tanya Golesic, Sex & The City Author Candace Bushnell, SiO Beauty Founder Gigi Howard, Emma Forbes, Peggy Siegal, Anne Hearst, Gigi Mortimer, Simone Levinson, Michaela Roberts, Renee Rockefeller & Natasha Silver Bell

Photo Credit: James Bayrami. Special thanks to Fleurs de Prairie, HINT, Jimmy Choo, & Tastings NYC.

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