Perfect Probiotics

SEED, a pioneer in the future of probiotics.

by Amely Greeven

SEED has a massive mission: to steward the future of probiotics. The rigorously scientific brand has a backstory of NASA-like complexity, probing the frontiers of what microbial therapies can do. They don’t want to just improve your skin, digestion, heart health, immunity and metabolic function with their precisely calibrated formulas that—unlike most probiotics in the unregulated, $40 billion universe of supplements—combine strains that have been clinically proven to achieve targeted effects. They also want to blow your mind.

First revelation? Ingested probiotics don’t “rebalance” or “restore” your microbiome, clinging to gut walls like new tenants taking up residence. It’s way cooler than that. They’re transient superheroes that, if exactingly selected and properly delivered (and that’s a big “if”), can travel through your GI tract, interacting with immune cells, gut cells, dietary nutrients and existing bacteria and switching on myriad functional effects—sometimes on-site, helping to improve leaky gut and metabolic function, and other times in far-off parts of the body, like your cheeks, forehead and chin. SEED co-founder Raja Dhir explains how “the right strains of probiotics down-regulate inflammatory skin responses like dermatitis, eczema and acne.” SEED’s potent daily synbiotic (probiotics plus the prebiotics that feed them) for women contains these skin-saving strains—among many others clinically tested to improve whole system health. SEED also makes a powerful men’s product.

Second revelation? Your daily kombucha or sauerkraut may well have benefits, but deliciously tangy as they are,  can’t hope to meet SEED’s rigorous definition of probiotic.