Purist hosts Panel Discussion & Luncheon at The Vanderbilt

Selects photos from the Purist Panel Discussion & Luncheon at The Vanderbilt

Purist hosts intimate health and wellness discussion & luncheon at The Vanderbilt in Westbury, NY – January 31st, 2020


On Friday, January 31st the Purist and Beechwood Homes hosted a ‘Beauty Inside and Out Panel’ at the new Vanderbilt Luxury Residency and Hotel in Westbury, New York. The panel was made up of three leading specialists in the wellness community: Nutritionalist Dr. Felicia Stoler, M.D., life-coach and retreat counselor Beth Mobilian, and Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Neil Nichols. The panelists discussed what it means to be happy and healthy both inside and out, from making healthy eating decisions, non-invasive surgical choices, and overall simple every day tools to keep a happy and healthy mind-set.  

The panel discussion took place within the Vanderbilt’s delicious in-house restaurant: Kingfish Oyster Bar and Restaurant. As guests arrived they were greeted with mimosas and a beautiful display of raw goods such as fresh oysters and sushi along with a beautiful lunch buffet by Chef Tom Schaudel. Guests were also treated by Life on Mars, a new non-toxic beauty line popped up with a mini makeup station as well as samples of their vast array of all natural beauty and makeup products.

Notable attendees included News 12TV LI Presenter Elisa DiStefano, Cristina Cuomo, Margaret Cuomo, Steven Dubb, Andrea Greeven Douzet, Deborah Srb and Sharyn Bradford.

Photo Credit: Judy Walker

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