Fall Wellness Forecast

Happy Halloween! Here are some ideas from PURIST to help you reset after consuming those sugary treats!

1. The Science of Intermittent Fasting

Click here to learn about fasting techniques designed to cleanse and replenish on a cellular level.  

2. Ask the Dr.

Dr. Frank Lipman explains how “forest bathing” can optimize immune and cognitive performance. Learn more here.

3. In Living Color

Herecolor specialist Martha Langer teaches how radiant energy can be used to manifest abundance and spiritual alignment.

4. Understanding Glutathione

Unlock the power of Glutathione, the best defense system you didn’t know you had. Discover its benefits and ways to produce it here.  

5. Test-Driving Emsculpt

When that Halloween candy goes straight to our love handles, it can bring nasty toxins with it. Click here to explore Emsculpt, Rejuvenation Health’s treatment that flushes impurities and eliminates fat cells.  

Please join us for our PURIST SANCTUARY at HOLIDAY HOUSE November 13th through December 15th.

 Purist will be popping up with speakers, meditation, mindfulness activities, yoga and wellness brands amidst the rooms designed by top decorators for Holiday House. Click here for tickets to Holiday House and for more information. 

Mindful Must Reads: 

Holiday: The Best Travel Magazine that Ever Was

Click here to read an excerpt from Pamela Fiori’s new book, Holiday: The Best Travel Magazine that Ever Was. The former Town & Country editor tells of her beginnings at Holiday, which sparked her successful career in magazines.  

Hunks & Heroes

GQ creative director Jim Moore chronicles his iconic work in Hunks & Heroes. Here, Jim shares his experiences with Hollywood’s elite and fashion icons like Ralph Lauren, pictured here, whose documentary Very Ralph  premieres November 12th on HBO