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Lower your dog’s carbon pawprint with Jiminy’s sustainable pet food.
Courtesy of Carly Whetsel @406dirtypaws

Climate-conscious pet owners may be giving themselves kudos for forfeiting animal products, going dairy-free or jumping on the Meatless Monday bandwagon, yet their fur baby’s diet may be taking a serious toll on the earth’s well-being. Dogs in the United States consume over 32 billion pounds of protein per year, which accounts for 25 to 30 percent of the meat industry’s environmental impact, according to a UCLA study. While dogs can’t go vegan along with the rest of the family, there are still actionable ways to combat this startling statistic. 

Jiminy’s, an eco-minded dog food line, offers an innovative solution to this meat-industry conundrum. Created with insect protein sourced from crickets and grubs, Jiminy’s reduces the need for large-scale cultivation of poultry and beef. In comparison to chickens, pigs and cows, crickets and grubs consume far less feed and water, use a miniscule amount of agricultural space, and emit lower levels of greenhouse gases. In the past year, Jiminy’s farming practices have saved over 218 million gallons of water and averted 20.5 million grams of greenhouse gases.

Showing compassion for creatures both big and small, Jiminy’s is committed to humane harvesting techniques. The company mimics a cricket’s natural habitat, raising the insects in a dark, warm “cricket condo,” free to roam and burrow throughout the facility. At the end of their natural lifecycle of approximately six weeks, the insects mate, lay eggs, and are then harvested along with temperature fluctuation that sends them into a hibernation-like state. These insects are raised in a sanitary indoor farm free from common pathogens that plague the meat industry, including E. coli, staph and listeria. 

Jiminy’s insect protein is packed with essential nutrients and is gentle enough for sensitive stomachs. Containing three times more protein than beef, twice the iron of spinach and all essential amino acids, Jiminy’s nourishes a dog’s gut microbiome with prebiotics in an easily digestible form. Palatability trials have shown that pups can’t get enough of Jiminy’s, with kibble scoring above 95 in canine taste tests. Jiminy’s training treats, made with sweet potato, oat and pea in addition to cricket protein, scored 100 for taste. 

Free from the most common animal allergens, including chicken, beef, dairy and egg, Jiminy’s has been proven to be hypoallergenic in longitudinal research. In a recent study, 20 dogs with skin problems related to food sensitivities were fed cricket protein-based food in a long-term feeding trial, and 60 percent showed significant improvement in symptoms. Click here to see how Jiminy’s pet food can impact the health of your dog and the planet.

Jiminy’s CEO Anne Carlson

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