Expert Tips For A Beautiful Blowout

Master the art of the bouncy blowout at home.
salon blowout at home
Nourished hair is the foundation of a bombshell blowout. Photo: Adobe Stock

By Gabrielle Echevarrieta

There’s no feeling quite like stepping out of the salon with a fresh set of highlights, a healthy trim and a voluptuous blowout. After intently watching the stylist use a round brush and blow-dryer combo as a magic wand to effortlessly make hair look thicker and shinier, this look may feel easy to replicate at home, for times when you can’t get to the blowout bar.

Yet often when trying to mimic this expert technique with hot tools in front of your own mirror, the end result can be a frizzy, unruly mess. Many have come to accept the coveted supermodel blowout as a luxury exclusive to the salon chair, but with the right equipment, preparation and a foolproof method, the elusive blowout is attainable for all.

Cleanse Hair Well 

Every styling protocol begins with a healthy hair-cleansing routine. For a final result with ample body and shine, it’s best to opt for shampoos and conditioners made without sulfates and parabens, which can cause brittleness, breakage, product buildup and even scalp irritation. It’s also crucial to use products that are formulated to fit your hair type and concerns, including frizzy, dry or color-treated strands. Rinse out conditioner with a blast of cool water, which can smooth down the hair follicle and eliminate flyaways, for a polished final look once the hair is blow-dried,

salon blowout at home

Choose Quality Styling Products

The next secret to a beautiful blowout is using the right tools and leave-in products. Valery Joseph, a veteran stylist with luxury salons in New York City, Bridgehampton and Miami, recommends professional-grade equipment to both protect the hair against damage and create the coveted look achieved by stylists. Joseph says, “The FHI blow-dryer is my go-to because it’s strong, yet I can control the direction and flow of air. It doesn’t overdry the hair and makes it really shiny. For brushes, I love Creative Professional hair brushes, which are made with natural materials.” He also recommends combing the Valery Joseph Smooth Heat Defense Style Cream through the length of the hair before applying heat, focusing primarily on the ends.

Master Your Styling Dexterity

After nourishing the hair while wet, it’s time to get the blow-dry technique down pat. “You really need to pre-dry the hair to remove as much moisture as possible,” says Joseph. “Then, the best technique to eliminate frizz is to heat the roots, then use cold air to close the cuticle.” Next, part your hair into 1-inch sections, and roll the section around the circular brush while applying a steady stream of heat from the root to the tips. Wait until the section is completely cool, then unravel the hair from the brush.

Repeat the process around the whole head, paying attention to the crown and face-framing pieces. The locks should be flexible, voluminous and shiny, with gentle waves at the ends. For stubborn pieces that can’t be tamed with the brush-and-dryer combo alone, isolate the problem strand and apply heat to the root with a thin, flat iron. To polish off the look, turn your head upside down and gently rake through the hair with your fingers, then apply Valery Joseph Cure Serum at the ends to seal in moisture.