LA: The Naturals

The mounting list of LA-based celebrities who are making brisk strides in the wellness world.
Kate Hudson photo courtesy of @fabletics

By Charlotte DeFazio

KATE HUDSON has been an advocate for women’s health, even before the 2013 launch of Fabletics, her globally successful line of activewear for women and men. She is also the author of Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, a women’s guide to finding wellness inside and out, published in 2016. Her latest, Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition, is an entertainment guide filled with healthy recipes, advice on how to be in the moment, and reflections of appreciation for friends and family.

“After Pretty Happy, I wanted to share a part of my life that brings me joy. I love a party, and the reason I love them is to connect, to laugh, and to celebrate with old friends, new friends and the people I love most.” —Kate Hudson

Gwyneth Paltrow photo courtesy of @goop

GWYNETH PALTROW hatched Goop out of her home as a weekly newsletter in 2008. Nearly a decade later, the brand has evolved into a high-profile lifestyle website focusing on six categories—Wellness, Travel, Food, Beauty, Style and Work. There’s also an e-commerce division offering a curated array of products: Choose from Goop’s own line of luxury organic skincare, vitamin regimens (try the “Why Am I So Effing Tired?” package), natural fragrances and fashion labels. When she’s not running Goop, Paltrow serves as creative director of makeup for Juice Beauty, a certified organic, clinically validated line of skincare and plant-pigment cosmetics. Don’t miss out on the 2018 Goop Health Wellness Summits held in NYC on January 27 and LA on June 8-9.

Jennifer Garner photo courtesy of @onceuponafarm

JENNIFER GARNER serves as co-founder and chief brand officer of Once Upon a Farm, an organic brand of baby food that produces nutritious, farm to table food for little ones with no preservatives, concentrates or processed purees. Most ingredients are sourced from local farms in the USA, with 80 percent from California. The fully recyclable packaging uses fewer resources to make than standard plastic containers or glass jars. Kids will love cold-pressed fruit and veggie blends like the Wild Rumpus Avocado (pineapple, banana, mint and avocado) and Mama Bear Blueberry (blueberries, apples, sweet potato, coconut oil).

“We are going to work our tails off to bring your family fresh whole foods, from our farms to your table.” —Jennifer Garner

Hilary Swank photo courtesy of @hilaryswank

HILARY SWANK champions positive body image, which she made clear with her 2016 launch of “aestheticwear” line, Mission Statement. The clothing couples high fashion with high performance, providing flexible, crossover wear perfect for transitioning seamlessly from meetings to flights (the leather and cashmere are hand-washable, so you can skip the wait on dry cleaning). Swank and her team have personally met all the artisans at the factories in Italy producing her line of high-quality fabrics, which use green techniques and adhere to fair trade practices. Follow her social media accounts for inspiration and a boost in self-esteem.

JESSICA ALBA’s The Honest Company, founded in 2012, is a one-stop shop for health-conscious home and baby products, such as stylish, eco-friendly diapers, NSF-certified rash cream, organic infant formula and vitamins for the family. Alba continues to guide The Honest Company’s creative marketing, strategy and product innovation. In 2017, the brand launched a new line of home products featuring plant-based soaps and detergents.

“My mission when I started Honest is to empower people to live healthy, happy lives. So proud of my team for raising the bar in formulating safe and effective products!” —Jessica Alba

BEYONCÉ states that her Ivy Park activewear and athleisure collection, co-founded with Topshop in 2016, has the word ‘park’ in its moniker because “park is our commonality…anywhere we create for ourselves. It’s the place that drive comes from…we go to when we need to fight through something.” Linked to this inspiring message, based on Beyoncé’s memories of her frequent visits to Parkwood Park in Houston as a child, the garments offer even more than just impeccable stitching and superior flexibility for the everyday active woman.

Miranda Kerr photo courtesy of @mirandakerr

MIRANDA KERR launched Kora Organics, her cruelty-free, organic skincare in 2009. The line has been growing ever since, available in more than 400 stores in Kerr’s native Australia, almost 400 Sephora stores across North America, and was recently launched in China. In addition to her continued work with Kora as managing director, Kerr has written a self-help guide, Treasure Yourself, (published in 2010), encouraging young women to embrace their individuality. Kerr is a graduate of New York’s School of Integrative Nutrition.

“Not everyone knows this about me, but I’m actually a certified health coach. My love and genuine passion for health and well-being is what led me to create Kora Organics.”—Miranda Kerr