August’s Forecast For Wellness

Labor Day Weekend!

1. Molly Sims on Mindful Mothering

Click here for the full interview and fashion shoot with the multifaceted Sims whose roles include actress, model, host (and now producer), mother and wellness warrior.

2. SummerFest 2019 at the Southampton Arts Center

The 6th annual SummerFest Culinary Arts Festival, held on August 29, honors Diane Tuft with the Champion of the Arts Award, and features dishes from the most celebrated chefs on the East End. Visit here for our latest feature on culture leaders of the Hamptons including Tom Dunn, Executive Director, and Amy Kirwin, Artistic Director of the Southampton Arts Center.

3. The Power of Intuition

HereAngel Santamarina, spiritual healer and author, talks about the importance of inner guidance.

4. Hydrogen Therapy

By taming free radicals and combating cellular stress, inhaled H2 may offer a pipeline to improved health and well-being. Learn how here.

5. A New Tahari in Town

Jeremy Tahari, son of Elie and Rory Tahari, is popping up in East Hampton with his new streetwear brand Anti. Head to the Elie Tahari store (1 Main St., East Hampton) to peruse the collection from the up-and-coming designer.

6. The Next Wave in Lyme Treatment

Here, learn about the Rife machine, its mighty audio weaponry, and how it may provide a powerful path to healing.

7. The Sculptor: Helmut Lang

Hailed for his minimalism, form and choice of materials in his collections, Helmut Lang has met similar acclaim for his art. Here, the sculptor tells Purist about his will to create and the joys of living an authentic life on the East End.

8. Travel with One Ocean Beauty

One Ocean Beauty has just launched a line for jet setters—their top products packaged in mini travel sizes. Look out for another new product from the brand in early September. The Blue Light Protection + Hydration Mist has been clinically-proven to protect against blue light photo aging, restore the natural biome to combat pollution and rehydrate dry, rough and sensitive skin.

9. Tranquil Hues

Here, founder of The White Company, Chrissie Rucker, sits down with Purist to discuss her brand’s inception, her life philosophies and her charitable work.

10. Shop for a Cause

Explore the charitable collaboration between FEED and Polo Ralph Lauren here. Each purchase goes toward the fight to end childhood hunger.

11. What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil

HereDrew Hyland of Papa & Barkley Essentials explains how to decode a deluge of cannabis products.

12. Sustainable Salon

Revolve Hair in Southampton stays committed to taking care of its clients and the environment. Find out how here.